Features Overview

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Vehicle Weight

Vehicle overweight has a negative impact on road safety, road degradation and the environment. Using unique self-developed energy equations, MobiWize’s On-Board Weighing – OBW, estimates vehicle weight after just a short driving period. MobiWize OBW improves current ADAS technologies such as Adaptive Cruise Control and Autonomous Emergency Braking systems.



There is a correlation between road hazards and driver behavior; in some circumstances, even careful drivers make poor choices because of the condition of the road or their reading of the road layout. Our virtual sensors technology identifies and classifies road hazards as the vehicle is moving on the road surface. Even minor obstacles are detected allowing dynamic mapping of road surface irregularities that might influence vehicle’s grip level.


Road SignaturE

Road Signature encapsulates everything from potholes, bumps and other hazards, fixed and changeable due to localized pavement failures or road surface particles. Complemented by big data and crowd sourcing technologies, MobiWize's Road Signature creates vehicle horizon prediction including road characteristics such as: grades, tires-road grip level, puddles and other hazards.



Nowadays, the speeds at which vehicles approach curves and leave them are determined based on car passenger comfort and road curve geometry. Our novel approach to determining the speed is based on an individual dynamic vehicle performance analysis; our technology determines the appropriate speed for different vehicle types on a given curve and provide curve speed cues to the vehicle controls, resulting in a safer driving experience.


Grip leve

Tire-road grip level is key to maximizing vehicle control systems performance, since these systems work well only when the tire force is within the tires’ grip limit MobiWize’s technology reliably estimates, in real time, the quality of the contact between the vehicle and the road. MobiWize’s tire-road grip level system detects potential safety-compromising situations earlier than safety measurements currently in use.


Road Grades

While basic models of longitudinal dynamics are well established for level roads, the exact parameters for hilly roads are rarely known. These parameters cannot be known in advance; rather, they must successfully identified and mapped as the vehicle moves on. MobiWize Roads Grade Measurement system accurately analyzes and maps road grades enabling vehicle system predictive control.